Mouse Multiclicker Possible Exploit

I went to buy an “Enriched Monocrystal Container” which costs 1500 iridium and gives you 50 Monocrystals… Accidentally my broken multi-click gaming mouse must of made it buy 2 at once… The only thing is, I only had 1510 Iridium… so it gave me 100 Monocrystals, left me with 10 Iridium. This could defiantly be exploited with a multi-clicking program.

The best I can do for a screenshot is one of all the extra 5 ores you get… which I have 10 of most of them…screenshot-200110-105559.jpg.002fb6dc4fee4c63340903420079bbc8.jpg

I hope this helps… I have zero intention in exploiting this game, and would like to help fix anything that comes up…

Sometimes containers will give you two containers instead of one.

This is an intended feature.

The percentage scales with your fleet strength, I think it’s 1/10

13 minutes ago, xXThunderFlameXx said:

The percentage scales with your fleet strength, I think it’s 1/10

Maybe like 1/10th of a percent per fleet strength point lol. I’m at some crazy fleet strength (not perfect yet) but I only get an extra container once in a blue moon. So rare still that I can’t remember the last  time I got two.

Maybe, 1/10 is still too high, having a FS of 237 means it would be a 23,7% chance for a bonus, and I haven’t gotten an extra container in weeks but yet again I don’t even open containers that often.