Mouse Buttons - how many are supported?

Does some body know how many mouse buttons are actually supported natively in the Star Conflict (SC) game?

SC keybindings in the main menu seem to only natively support a 5 button mouse with 1 wheel:

Wheel up
Wheel down
Mouse Button 4
Mouse Button 5

Does anybody made it to use more than 7 mouse buttons?

My multi-button mouse (Roccat Tyon) featuring 9 mouse buttons on first usb xinput pointer device and 6 buttons on the a second usb xinput keyboard device (out of 15 in total).

In the Star Conflict version for Linux I am able to reserve 7 mouse buttons, the other 2 mouse buttons/keys I have to reserve with keyboard keys (e.g. End, Home) in the “Key Binds” options-menu. That are 9 buttons reserved so far - out of 15 buttons in total. The buttons 10 to 15 are on the second Roccat Tyon usb xinput keyboard device and are reserved with keyboard keys, anyhow.

Any hints? - Thank you!



For Linux the roccattyonconfig software (gui) really works great with my Roccat Tyon. I can switch between 5 individual profiles,  have special features like EasySwitch (second key allocation patter over hole mouse buttons) and EasyAim (holding a button mades the dpi go down or up to stored value , e.g. 200dpi or 8200dpi)

Really great to have a reasonable means to configure the mouse pre-gaming SC, now!!


Don’t your rokkat software have an option to assign custom keybind to your mouse buttons? I solved this by assignin numbers from 6 to 0 to my extra mouse button on logithec software. Then in game i’ve binded numbers from 6 to 0 to the functions I needed on my mouse buttons. If your software don’t supports this, there are few software able to assign custom letters\number to any button\key.