Morning news from the special UMC service


(The UMC logo appears on the screen. After a few seconds, the frame fades and the image shifts to a spacious office. Selena Galo sits at a round table)


Good morning, mercenaries! We are a special UMC service, I am Selena Galo and this is the morning roundup.


In today’s edition:

  • Refugees in the zone “Guardian-17”: Empire on guard of the destitute
  • Data from the New Empire beacons:
  • The course of the Invasion
  • A pirate attack

But first things first.


(An image of transport ship accompanied by several Apollo type fighters is projected)


According to the Imperial mercenary Vladblodemag, the New Empire decided to assist Guardian-17 in accommodating refugees. The first transporters have arrived and soon

the station will be unloaded. A smaller number of civilians will significantly increase the effectiveness of the Guardian’s work. It is not known exactly where the refugees will go, but the station command also hopes to seize territories in the Dreamland sector.


(An image fragment is projected. It’s unclear what exactly is depicted)


During the reconnaissance operation of the Armada on the territory of the New Empire, the scouts managed to connect to one of the beacons and intercept a message with the attached file.

The message itself is encrypted and Armada is currently working on decryption. UMC invites mercenaries to take part in the deciphering. Mercenaries who manage to do so will be generously rewarded. The image itself does not indicate what we are dealing with, but it is obvious that this is the basic structure of something.


The code received in the message:

The picture received in the message: 

(An image of a crystallid station is projected)


Although the forces of the crystallids still control part of the sectors, we were able to overcome the peak of the new Invasion. The enemy’s advance is slower and now cybers are mostly inactive, occasionally dealing precision blows. Unfortunately, we suffer serious losses when retaking the sectors.

The sabotage activities of the destroyers also continue, but mercenaries manage to destroy them before they deal significant damage to our infrastructure.


(The image of a pirate destroyer on the screen)


Information about the Enclave’s own warp paths has been confirmed. The “Scharnhorst-5” mining station in the CMS sectors was recently attacked. According to witnesses, the miners were attacked by the pirate destroyer “Adventure” under the leadership of Captain Kidd. The thugs caused several explosions in different parts of the station and destroyed part of the mining fleet. The enemy left the sector before the Armada arrived.


(The image fades. The screen shows the UMC logo with the credits below)


Sci-Tech Universal has paid most of the fines and will soon make the most of Marten’s production. The Northern Empire has attempted to form an alliance with Sparta.


(The camera shows a closeup of the presenter)


You have been watching Morning News with Selena Galo. Send your articles to the editorial office of the UMC. Address of the mail drone of the special UMC service is the same: private messages of the Star Conflict community on VK or position 11/170/-298.


The most interesting messages will appear in the morning news release, and the authors will receive the title “Honorary Informant of the UMC”.

1 hour ago, Deelena said:

Armada is currently working on decryption

It is always funny how bad Armada is at “decrypting” some basic encoding (and not even actual encrypted stuff)

QR code is binary then the binary converts to:


Research completed. The first batch of tech*** will come soon. Attaching the file.

So the next update is the Empire Engineer as suspected and it’s from the New Empire?


Oh right Pirate Destroyer activity “charted” means they’ll actually spawn soon I guess? So far the one I found in a bugged instance is the only documented spawn on the live server at all and even then I did a pretty crap job at documenting it. I didn’t even kill it.

Damned Cartel Destroyer ‘Happy’…


Also good to know Captain Kidd is both alive in canon and still active - perhaps he’ll have something to do with future events? Who knows.

3 hours ago, Deelena said:

private messages of the Star Conflict community on VK

Maybe you can pay more attention to Facebook? Most of the civilized world uses Facebook, and it would be more comfortable for many players who live outside Russia.

P.S. Your news is too difficult to understand. There should be more background information.

“Research completed. The first batch of tech*** will come soon. Attaching the file.”

Reward? XD (I am a mercenary/free-agent after all)

Empire engiiiiiiiiiiiii

Research completed. The first batch of tech*** will come soon. Attaching the file.


So with "ancient’ tech that was available circa 2020 with that tech being a tablet with a 2D bar code scanner/reader and the programming knowledge of the Binary Machine Language…I find it very hard to believe that the Empire cant decrypt such things.

Which is just another reason why I picked the Jericho faction years ago.

Can you, please, explain, what charactrestics are going to be removed from seed-chips exactly? For example, this chip in the screenshot can “alter the characteristics missing from the weapon”. Is this chip going to get nerfed?
Could you, please, give some examples or the characteristics which are planned to be removed? Chips which rockets or static discharges? ANy other?

Why all the mystery when we all knew it was going to be an Empire Engi anyway as there was an icon in the tech tree for it?


Anyway, when will the event start?