Morning news from the special UMC service


(The UMC logo appears on the screen. After a few seconds, the frame fades and the image shifts to a spacious office. Selena Galo sits at a round table)


Good morning, mercenaries! We are a special UMC service, I am Selena Galo and this is the morning roundup.


In today’s edition:

  • Helion continues the show “Beetle in the Anthill”: Alien power changes
  • Portals are changing: how many pilots can now move to the sector?

But first things first.


(An image of crystallids is projected)


Helion continues his show “Beetle in the Anthill”. According to the latest data, scientists decided to somewhat weaken the Aliens, so that the pilots had more chances to destroy the enemy. It has also recently become clear that the purpose of the event is not so much in obtaining money as in the interaction of crystallids and humans. The New Empire claims Miss Summer is behind the experiments.


(An image of the North Portal appears on the screen)


Scientists at UMC spotted the stabilization of space near the Portals. Changing the activity of wormholes will allow more pilots to move into the sector, which will give an advantage in battle.

Also, changes were seen in the North Portal. The UMC believes that in the future, the resource for which the fights are currently being fought may be replaced by something else.


(The image fades. The screen shows the UMC logo with the credits below)


A group of terrorists was detained at the station Guardian-17, they were working on planting explosives in the residential compartments of the station. Blackwood Shipyard once again offered the Free Worlds of Eridan assistance for joining the Network. In remote sectors, Raid ships were seen.


(The camera shows a closeup of the presenter)


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