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(The UMC logo appears on the screen. After a few seconds, the frame fades out, an image of a spacious office appears. Selena Galo sits at a round table)


Good morning, mercenaries! We are a special UMC service, I am Selena Galo and this is the morning roundup.


Straight to the front-line news. Mercenaries, together with the forces of the Empire, the Federation and Jericho, continue to defend the sectors. The battles have been going on for several weeks with varying success, and in some systems, the extraterrestrial enemy managed to gain a foothold.


(An image of a sector map is projected on the screen)


The situation in the sectors of the Empire is the calmest. At the moment, one sector has been captured, fights are going on at the Feloni Border.

A week ago, the New Empire sent a dreadnought to help retaliate at the Warden outpost ruins. A few hours later, the sector was returned under the control of mankind’s forces.


According to Guardian-17, if it were not for reinforcements, they would not have been able to drive the Aliens out of the sector. Unfortunately, Sparta and RSW have again begun battles for this territory.


(Image of captured sectors of the Federation is projected)


Currently, Aliens have succeeded in the war against the Federation. Four sectors were lost, including Pilgrim-11. Despite the presence in the sector, the dreadnought “Defiant” did not take part in the battles due to maintenance. According to Ellydium, the complex and the dreadnought are protected by the latest shields and the life of the corporation employees is not in danger. However, why is the Armada inactive? After an almost perfect military campaign in the First Invasion, the army is inactive in the Second. Is it really not enough for them to collapse part of the military market due to the disclosure of Hammerhead blueprints?


(The image of the Temple on the screen)


Just a few hours ago, after the second attack on the Temple, Aliens managed to capture the sector. Due to the initial presence of Aliens in the sectors, crystallids needed only to gain a foothold in the Ancient Ruins and the Abandoned complex, which they did despite active resistance. The Alien attack on the Ruins of the Monolith failed, the sector is under the control of the forces of mankind.


(The image fades. The screen shows the UMC logo with the credits below)


The New Empire intercepted the RSW convoy with contraband. The Mendes family began the construction of two Dreadnoughts. Sun Corp acquired another system from the CMS for terraforming.


(The camera shows a closeup of the presenter)


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Pilgrim was such a nice location. Infinite horizon, high reolution wallpapers, beauty everywhere: symmetry, geometry, a planet from Avatar. That was why I got disappointed when the devs let it be captured, while they manuallt “freed” the other zones. And the other zones are not even close to Pilgrim. The person who killed Pilgrim - read this and make effective conclusions. Perhaps, you had to make this zone more available, cheaper, or for lower ranks. You should have saved it instead of editing software preferences for Jericho and Empire.
P.S. I adore the water colours style of those clouds, look:


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You know that most of the civilized world uses Facebook. You got stuck in your little world with your own black jack and beautiful women, and it is comfortable, right?

You gotta relax on those fb posts a bit tho lol

No one in the civilized world uses Facebook…