Morning news from the special UMC service


(On screen: A banner with the Golden Eagle of the Empire flutters to a solemn march. The frame smoothly fades and a majestic image of the “Guardian-17” station appears)


Good morning, Empire! We are the special UMC service, this is tribune of the Security Service of the Empire Olaf Larsen, please welcome our morning roundup. In today’s edition:

  • News from an anonymous informant
  • Federation deceives its citizens
  • Interview with Joseph Warner

But first things first.


(In the frame: station “Guardian-17”. The camera flies over the central areas, then a smooth transition to the image of the portal through which the Northstar can be seen)


Just before the broadcast, we received interesting information from a certain Anonymous. According to him, the activity of the private military company “Helion INC”, founded by retired Armada commanders, has been noticed over the past couple of weeks in the Ydra system. Helion’s ships almost blocked approaches to the crash site of the “Northstar” dreadnought. Mysterious ships of unknown origin, covered with stealth shields, were also seen there. What is Helion preparing in this forgotten corner of the fringe sectors?


(The frame fades. An image appears with a snippet of text from the magazine.)


More recently, a terrorist attack in one of Suncorp’s systems resulted in the deaths of many innocent people. After some time, the magazine “Federation Bulletin” published an article that described this incident. Here is an excerpt from the text


“According to the security service, the infamous Cartel was behind the attack. It was the members of this criminal gang who attacked the Suncorp Corporation in order to destabilize the situation in the Federation. However, we assure that nothing threatens our citizens, while they are guarded by the Great Armada”


Our detectives conducted their own investigation and found out that the attack was organized by senior management of Suncorp. As you know, most recently, the corporation already incurred losses and was forced to borrow resources. As a result, the board of directors decided to initiate sabotage. The decision was justified by the fact that large state corporations were entitled to monetary compensation and benefits if their production would be severely affected by pirates. This is exactly what happened. Moreover, losses among workers also made it possible to obtain additional sums of money.


However, after receiving the money, Suncorp did not immediately invest in the restoration of production. Later, large amounts of credits were credited to anonymous accounts at several neutral banks.


All this helped to come to a conclusion about the major deception and use of the citizens of the Federation. We sincerely sympathize with the inhabitants of this state for having to live in a Federation mired in mud, corruption, betrayal and lies.


(News of the Empire beat. The imperial march gets louder. In the frame, Olaf Larsen smiles amiably with a coffee mug in his hands, behind him is a colourful banner “Station’s comfort”)


Today in our studio we have the well-known engineer Joseph Warner, and today he will share with us interesting facts from his life and also talk about his work in more detail.


— Good afternoon Olaf, I am glad to be here and I must say that even this modest interview is a sign of respect for the Emperor. Indeed, in part, we will talk about technologies, the creation of which was simply impossible without faith in him.

— Well, Joseph, can you tell me why you decided to become an engineer?

— Well, since childhood I was drawn to the military, I wanted to become a fighter of the Legion, but soon I realized that nothing would come of it because of my health. I did not want to lose my dream, and I decided that if I did not fight in the Legion, the Legion would fight with my weapons. So I decided to become an engineer, and as a result, I entered a scientific academy in the Solar system. And this means serious competition because only the best can get there.

— Incredible, for sure you had to learn an incredible amount. What happened in the academy itself?

— Our training complex was located in the orbit of Jupiter. Most of the time was spent in classrooms listening to lectures, but we also went to Martian laboratories. Once our group managed to be present while testing a weapon capable of splitting some of the crystals in the hull of alien ships. The training, as a result, lasted 17 years. During this time, we were taught all areas of science and also something else. Heh heh. Sorry I can not tell.

— Really sorry, but what did you do after training? If it’s not a secret, of course.

— Exactly what I wanted to. Most of the time I spent creating weapons. The key components, without which the whole essence of the prototype was lost. The rest was done by simpler scientists. Although of course, they were also geniuses of science. Were… But we digress, most of my developments went into the arsenal of the Wardens, of course, but simpler mechanisms were also supplied to the regular army. I have to say I’m incredibly lucky. I am one of the few who worked in the solar system and survived. All this, of course, thanks to an unplanned business trip.

— Well, thanks for the interesting story Joseph, I hope we will meet again
— And thank you, Olaf.


(The image changes, a magnificent image of the Guardian-17 station appears. A news ticker appears at the bottom of the screen)


Ships of the Sentinels such as Singularity have been detected in the Warden outpost ruins. “Ellydium” Corporation once again organizes an expedition to the sectors of aliens, this time openly. Near the neutral sectors, a major battle took place between the agents of the ROM and the ironside attack aircraft.


(The camera shows a close-up of the presenter, the imperial march is getting louder. A banner with the golden eagle appears behind the tribune Olaf Larsen)


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Empire above all.

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