Morning news from the special UMC service


(On screen: A banner with the Golden Eagle of the Empire flutters to a solemn march. The frame smoothly fades and a majestic image of the “Guardian-17” station appears)


Good morning, Empire! We are the special UMC service, this is tribune of the Security Service of the Empire Olaf Larsen, please welcome our morning roundup. In today’s edition:

  • Mercenaries disguised as pirates;
  • Brutal battles in the Dreamland sector;
  • Details on the destruction of a whole system.

But first things first.


(In the frame: station “Guardian-17”. The camera flies over the central areas, then a smooth transition to the image of the portal through which the Dreamland can be seen)


— This is special correspondent DaytonaPony.

— Good afternoon, Olaf.


This week, Sci-Tech Universal’s research teams exploring alien technology were destroyed in the Menard and Feloni sectors. According to the latest data, the scientists were carrying artefacts of extraterrestrial origin, iridium and data from recon ships, which often began to appear in the worlds of the Empire. However, almost immediately the units were destroyed by an unknown enemy.


Presumably, it was the Enclave, but the signatures of the attacking ships turned out to be fake. It’s possible that a group of pilots managed to get the Destroyers of the Enclave, and now, hiding behind pirate groups, they rob mercenaries and travellers.


Be careful, Enclave imposters have appeared in imperial sectors.


—Thank you, DaytonaPony, Empire will surely destroy the enemy.


(The video with battle footage in space starts. In the distance, imperial ships defending an outpost from Jericho starships are visible. The operator is diligently trying not to show the destroyed turrets. The sound of the battle is interrupted by Olaf’s voice) 


Mercenaries! The situation in the Dreamland sector is heating up. For two weeks now, we have been fighting with an unknown fleet of Jericho origin. Our influence has fallen to 41%. Obviously, these traitors are going to help the filthy pirates further, but we should not allow this! Soon our forces will go on the offensive and we will win for the glory of the Emperor! You have a chance to take part in the victorious war of the Empire and end up victors. Together we will destroy the enemies of the Emperor!


(The image fades. Olaf Larsen appears, walking around the office with his hands behind his back. This time his voice is calm) 


More recently, SDS has sold one of its developed systems. However, as you know, their worlds are infamous for their danger and most of them are simply closed to visitors. This time it was much worse. The system was purchased by Suncorp Corporation for a large sum and representatives of the agricultural community could not even think that they would suffer huge losses. Shortly before the disaster, transporters with new machines for terraforming and breeding crops arrived in the sector. For several days, the stations were assembled in orbits and everything was ready for work. Unfortunately, an explosion occurred a few hours before the machines started. No one knows for sure what served as the source, but the system was completely destroyed with all the staff of more than thirty thousand people. According to preliminary data, the cause was the instability of the planetary nuclei on which resources were extracted. Suncorp is hoping for compensation from the SDS, but they are unlikely to receive anything.


(The image changes, a magnificent image of the Guardian-17 station appears. A news ticker appears at the bottom of the screen) 


In the sectors of the Northern Empire, the emergence of the Iceberg group was noticed. The New Empire held regular negotiations with the Inquisition about the status of the true Emperor, the result was a refusal. Residents of the Federation are again forced to pay increased taxes for the maintenance of the Armada. For unknown reasons, one of the directors of the Blackwood Shipyard was killed.


(Close-up on the presenter, the imperial march getting louder. A banner with the golden eagle appears behind the tribune Olaf Larsen)


You have been watching Morning News, my name is Olaf Larsen. Send your articles to the editorial office of the UMC. Address of the mail drone of the special UMC service is the same: private messages of the Star Conflict community on VK or position 11/170/-298.


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Empire above all.