Morning news from the special UMC service


(On screen: A banner with the Golden Eagle of the Empire flutters to a solemn march. The frame smoothly fades and a majestic image of the “Guardian-17” station appears)


Good morning, Empire! We are the special UMC service, this is the tribune of the Security Service of the Empire Olaf Larsen, please welcome our morning roundup. In today’s edition:

  • Mercenaries attack a convoy;
  • A new enemy in the Dreamland sector;
  • Alien invasion, a surge of anomalous energy and an unknown destroyer.

But first things first.


(In the frame: station “Guardian-17”. The camera flies over the central areas, then a smooth transition to the image of the portal through which the Dreamland can be seen)


This week we have seen treacherous attacks on the Empire’s outpost in the Dreamland sector. An unknown enemy with Jericho weapons breaks into the sector and attacks strategically important targets. Unfortunately, the enemy fleet manages to leave the system before the arrival of special forces — intelligence reports that these are the machinations of spies. Undoubtedly, these attacks are somewhat detrimental to our influence, but the citizens of the Empire can be calm because the victory over the pirates is close! Take part in the battle for the glory of the Emperor and destroy his enemies!

(A video with a fight in the Dreamland sector fades out. The camera takes a view on Olaf, standing in a hangar with transports)


This weekend, a convoy passing through sectors of the Empire to the Ellydium Theta station was destroyed. According to the latest data, the transport carried combat modules and alien artefacts bought by scientists for research and improvement of ships.


Unfortunately, the convoy was attacked by mercenaries and completely destroyed. It is still unknown who hired the pilots to destroy the transporters. A little later, special forces of the Empire cleared sectors from mercenaries who continued to fight each other. Despite the lack of information, it became clear that part of the cargo fell into the markets of the Hermes Block, where it disappeared forever in the hands of mysterious customers.


(The image fades. The screen has blurry frames that are interrupted by white noise. an unknown ship is visible in the distance)


Scientists once again note a surge in anomalous activity. We strongly recommend that mercenaries be careful because it is on these days that the Signal is unstable and may cause problems in the operation of equipment.


Also, according to the latest intelligence data and the comments of eyewitnesses, a ship of unknown modification has been seen. It appears suddenly — intelligence has not yet been able to determine from which system. The mysterious destroyer attacks the target with a strange weapon and literally dissolves in the void of space. Only cameras on ships can confirm its existence. The security service does not exclude that this is another development of the Enclave.


(The picture changes. Olaf goes along the corridor of a prison, the activated energy doors are visible on the right and left)


Not long ago, XYRMA Corporation violated Article 153.1, Clause 2.3 of the Imperial Charter of Corporations, for which it was forced to pay a fine of 80 million credits. The cruiser “Dawn” was dismantled, and its blueprints destroyed. Some engineers are currently serving their sentences in Steel Rod Prison, while others only had their memory erased as a sign of pardon. We remind you that such serious violations will be punished and we ask you not to commit such acts for the glory of the Empire!


(Frame transition, a magnificent image of the station “Guardian-17” appears. A news ticker appears at the bottom of the screen)


Cyber activity in neutral sectors has been noticed. The Mendez and Liu families discussed further plans for protecting Jericho’s sectors with the Sentinels. The remaining Eridanian Free Worlds systems are once again considering a decision to join the Network. Despite the crisis, Undock Unlimited has released a new series of passenger ships. The new empire restored production by 60%.


(Close-up on the presenter, the imperial march getting louder. A banner with the golden eagle appears behind the tribune Olaf Larsen)


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Empire above all.

New passenger ships?

Yeah, I doubt we will run into them as pretty much all sectors we can access are military areas, especially now that aliens can spawn in.