Morning news from the special UMC service


(On screen: A banner with the Golden Eagle of the Empire flutters to a solemn march. The frame smoothly fades and a majestic image of the “Guardian-17” station appears) 


Good morning, Empire! We are the special UMC service, this is the tribune of the Security Service of the Empire Olaf Larsen, please welcome our morning roundup. In today’s edition:

  • Fringe sector roundup
  • Aig report from the Dreamland
  • And the premiere of a special column “Station’s comfort”

First things first.


(In the frame: station “Guardian-17”. The camera flies over the central areas, then a smooth transition to the image of the portal through which the Dreamland can be seen)


I’m the UMC special correspondent BEPMNLLIEJIbKA and here is a summary of news from the fringe sectors.


News from the “Guardian-17” station: everything is calm, but due to the large influx of visitors related to the Dreamland portal opening, the authorities had to strengthen patrols. Thanks to the actions of our soldiers, several dozen spies from different parts of the galaxy were already detained; there were no casualties during the detention.


News from the fronts: Aliens are waging a sluggish war; skirmishes, if any, are rare. Three star dates ago, a pirate cartel launched an attack on the Transit route in the hope of blocking the passage of transport ships, but the attack was repelled. As a result of the battle, 13 fighters and 5 covert ops interceptors were destroyed, and 9 enemy pilots were also detained.


Now on to the news from the most interesting source: Dreamland! A trench war is ongoing with the Enclave. Despite support from the UMC, troops are in parity. And the Enclave regularly receives reinforcements from unknown sources. 


From time to time, you can notice experimental destroyers, which the mercenaries simply called “Woodlouse”. So far there is no information where they come from, but the Empire will certainly succeed in this war, because if not us then who? Glory to the Empire!


BEPMNLLIEJIbKA, end of report.


(News of the Empire beat. The camera takes a closeup of the presenter, but the broadcast is interrupted and resumes again. Suddenly, the melody “Fifteen people and a dead man’s chest” sounds, and a white skull with bones on a black background appears in the frame. A hologram of a man who is dressed like a pirate of the 17th century is projected next to it)



This channel has been hijacked, ha-ha! May your Jolly Roger be raised forever, brothers!


The empire decided to follow the path of propaganda, but the pirates are free and independent. We’re not that simple! Our journalists are everywhere. And as soon as they get some rum (coughs), and the imperial scribblers make their move, our brothers immediately send the collected information to our pirate station!


Long live freedom! See you in open space in the name of the glorious flag of the Jolly Roger!


(The broadcast is stabilizing. News of the Empire beat. The imperial march gets louder. In the frame, Olaf Larsen smiles amiably with a coffee mug in his hands, behind him is a colorful banner “Station’s comfort”)


The life of a loyal subject of the Empire is full of interesting events. You are the Empire! Each week we will talk about striking cases from the everyday life of subjects of the Emperor. Today we have a guest engineer OutlawStar007. The young man is not only a talented shipbuilder, but also a courageous fighter with malicious troublemakers in the Empire. Over to you, OutlawStar007.


“War isn’t always about winning. Sometimes, it takes a great loss for us to see areas where we need to improve. As an Engineer, nothing sounds better than the whirring machines and grinding of drills and saws, as we strive to improve on our ships… Just the other day, after a crushing defeat at the hands of pirates, I met with some fellow engineers and shipbuilders. we put our heads together and soon the sounds of progress rang through the hangars. I won’t bore you with the details of the changes, but yesterday, we flew out and sought vengeance, and serve it we did! We even brought back some parts of the enemy ships, and now I have some new toys to tinker around with.


The life of an engineer is a life of creation, and watching that creation come to life tearing and rending the enemy in glorious explosions.


Oh, what’s that? you wanted more action? I’ve built this fascinating new weapon to play around with, but it’s still a bit glitchy, come back tomorrow and I’ll show it off!”

Thanks, OutlawStar007, for the expressive and certainly patriotic story.


(The camera shows a close-up of the presenter, the imperial march is getting louder. A banner with the golden eagle appears behind the tribune Olaf Larsen)


You have been watching Morning News, my name is Olaf Larsen. Send your articles to the editorial office of the UMC. Address of the mail drone of the special UMC service is the same: private messages of the Star Conflict community on VK or position 11/170/-298.


The most interesting messages will appear in the morning news release, and the authors will receive the title “Honorary Informant of the Empire”.


Empire above all.