Morning news from the special UMC service



(On screen: A banner with the Golden Eagle of the Empire flutters to a solemn march. The frame smoothly fades and a majestic image of the “Guardian-17” station appears)


Good morning, Empire! We are the special UMC service, this is the tribune of the Security Service of the Empire Olaf Larsen, please welcome our morning roundup.


(On screen: fragments of a space battle. The camera shakes, the lens changes focus, but the video shows imperial ships and the explosions of pirate turrets)


Our correspondents in the Artuga system report that the fleet’s recon group destroyed the pirate defence systems. This is another success of our brave pilots in orbit of the pirate stronghold “Dreamland”!


(News of the Empire beat. The imperial march gets louder. On screen: an outpost in orbit of the Dreamland. Dozens of repair and engineering ships approaching a giant station. The music goes quiet.)


Also in the Artuga region: 

Imperial engineers have expanded the base station in orbit of the Dreamland. Now mercenaries, like ordinary soldiers, have their ships reinforced until the station is lost. 

(Beat. The camera shows a close-up of the presenter, the imperial march is getting louder. A banner with the golden eagle appears behind the tribune Olaf Larsen)


Attention! Mercenaries are still needed in the system to destroy the pirate forces. You can submit your applications for participation in a special operation in Artuga, as well as interesting news to the editorial office of News of the Empire. Address of the mail drone of the special UMC service: position 11/170 /-298. 


You have been watching Morning News, my name is Olaf Larsen. Empire above all.

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