Morning news from the special service of the UMC


(The UMC logo appears on the screen. After a few seconds, the frame fades and the image shifts to a spacious office. Selena Galo sits at a round table.) 


Good morning, mercenaries! We are the special UMC service, I am Selena Galo and this is the morning roundup.


In today’s edition:

  • Hacking Imperial Communications
  • Information from Anonymous
  • Trade Change for Mercenaries
  • Jericho’s reaction to the Artuga pirates

But first things first.


(In the frame: station “Guardian-17”. The camera pans over the central areas, then a smooth transition to the station hangar) 


A day ago, one of the Empire’s communications stations was damaged. Pirates, presumably the Enclave, broke into the beacon and uploaded the virus to the network. Then the station was destroyed. According to preliminary data, some of their programs resemble the Jericho virus T.A.R.G. produced by the Mendes Family. Empire engineers are currently trying to clean the network, but it is not known how long the process will take.


(A hologram of a person with a concealed face appears on the screen.) 


We have new information from certain Anonymous. According to him, the Artuga pirates are looking for proven smugglers to deliver special goods. According to the source, these are previously unknown electronic modules. They look like scattered crystals or seeds. According to the same source, the seeds can be used to strengthen any warships. Moreover, the effect of each seed is individual. We will try to get working samples for analysis. It is extremely interesting whose product the pirates are trying to sell.


(A young man with federal epaulettes enters the studio) 


And right now, economist Henry Willis will talk about tax changes in trade for mercenaries.

— Thanks, Selena.


A progressive taxation scale for trade transactions has been introduced.


If the sum of your sales per week is:

  • less than 500 GS, then the sales tax is not applied,
  • less than 2000 GS — the tax will be 10% of the sale,
  • less than 4000 GS — the tax will be 20% of the sale,
  • less than 10000 GS — the tax will be 30% of the sale,
  • over 10000 GS — the tax will be 50% of the sale.

Transactions in 7 days: 0
Transaction completed in the amount of: 5000 GS
We break the amount into tax ranges: 500 + 1500 + 2000 + 1000
Tax on each of the amounts: 0 (0%) + 150 (10%) + 400 (20%) + 300 (30%)
Tax: 850 GS or 17%


The reason for this change is the extreme turnover of galactic standards among mercenaries. This money eventually ends up in peaceful sectors where it can seriously disrupt the economy.


(The image of Mendes IX station appears in the frame) 


The last of a hundred Families, Mendes and Liu expressed their opinion about the pirates of Artuga. According to their official representatives, the relationship between Jericho and the Enclave is too strong and it would be foolish to sever them. Moreover, the departed said that we could find enough incriminating evidence about the connection with the pirates from the Federation and the Empire. In particular with Ghosts and Privateers. Mendes and Liu declined to comment further on the situation. Fortunately, even this information can shed light on the actions of pirates.


(The image fades. The screen shows the UMC logo with the credits below) 


Cyber activity is growing. The Signal’s activity is on the decline. The New Empire placed an order for a large batch of Castor-type fighters. Another attempt to retire the Armada failed.


(The camera shows a close-up of the lead) 


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