More servers?

More servers should be added for open space. The experiences I’ve had are beyond annoying when trying to complete Open Space missions because there’s always more players trying to do them as well, so I have to sit and wait for them do be done. Then there’s the PVP locations where players are waiting for other players to kill so that they don’t get a chance to complete their OSMs. With the addition of seed-chips a while back, I’ve noticed a horrendous amount of people clogging the dreamland location. Just 30 mins ago I went into it after waiting about 10 of those minutes to come across 6 or 7 people from the same squadron buzzing around the pirate outpost. Elite Dangerous does servers right where people can set up their own server and invite their friends without the hassle of other people slowing your progress down. I would gladly pay for an update to come out releasing this feature. As it stands now, open space isn’t all that great. I just want to thank the moderator who approved or did not approve this for at least looking at it.