more problems

client automatically began to download v7.4 when launched.  waited nearly an hour for it to NOT finish due to AVG detecing Win32/Heur in the game.exe and cut off connection.


added game.exe to exception list and tried again but got loads of errors (120+ according to the info pop-up!!!) and wouldn’t finish off download


clicked on ‘download latest version’ to try again and it opened up in my torrent client, which only found 3 seeders and 500+ peers, download ETA - 4 days!!


decided to uninstall so i could re-download from home page but several files had to be manually deleted.


some of these files couldn’t be deleted as they ‘were in use by another programme’ but i had nothing else running. had to restart PC


logged on to SC home page to re-download.  waiting time is currently around 8hrs!!!


seriously!!  am i going to have to go through this every time you update the game??


i think the game is great but there’s no way i’m going to go through that lot every time you update it!!!