More NPC interactivity in open space

Things like NPC’s and police noticing activity such as players in danger, other NPC players in danger and such.


Cloaking and being unable to lock on to, being affected by white noise, etc. having an effect on the status of, or NPC ability to engage in, combat.


NPC’s scanning you for cargo.


Negative karma having a turnover effect on how pirates and cartel respond to you.


Mission completion and/or cancellation having a control over karma level.



I like the concept of this idea (as well as other good ideas about OS), as i said before we have big plans for OS.

I like the suggestions, however I do not think they are an important issue right now. There are huge issues that need addressing in the game right now (many of which are being ignored), so I don’t think content like this is entirely necessary (at least not yet).

Sometimes I really feel NPCs are just interacting with you if you hit them. I mean sometimes I bail out to the police while pirates - aliens following me, and they’re like “Hey look, space dust!” .__.

Hmm… NPCs like in Dark Star One game.

edit. And landing on stations like in Dark Star One. (you must talk to flight controller and ask for permission)