More Maps Please !


Everybody has elaborate ideas, how to improve things. The reason for those ideas, is the simple fact, what where is so little content it gets repetitive in PvE, Ops, and OS. OS is another story all together, it just needs content, and by that i don’t mean just new maps (sectors), although it would help. OS feels stale, and dead, by I digress. Back to PvE and Ops. Again, making PvE and Ops more elaborate would really improve things, but hardly something what can be done quickly. This is where level designers come in. Simple increase in variety of available PvE mission  and Ops, by at least a few more maps, would increase the replay value, and improve over all quality of gameplay. Please, just add 5 or 6 additional missions, and 2-3 new ops. No new systems are needed. Those can be added later, as the game gets more polish. PvP has a nice variety of maps, keeping things less stale, that is the fix that is badly needed in PvE, in my humble opinion. Thank you! 

Yep, we’re just working under new PvE missions. Not sure when they will be presented, but probably after New Year’s Big Update ![;)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/002.png “;)”)

Im very glad to hear that, looking forward to it!

You can have all 20+ maps from OS for PvP/PvE reason, but the diversity wouldn’t increase much as the mode itself remain the same.

OS is difficult to change as the only option is to represent direct changers(example corp own a sector) or even faction changes of a sector.
But yeah I’m interested in the so much hyped revamp of OS in 2017.

Sad thing: Posted a few suggestions for OS missions, but only a few persons voted/commented on them…

You have to be a bit more realistic. Things like sector changes, and stuff, are all fun, but require a lot of coding, and development. Even “simple” changes, like new buttons or menu somewhere, is rather a lot of work to do, and a lot to consider for a development team. They have to prioritize their resources and stuff. Changes, which don’t require new code, are much easier to make, even if time consuming in their own way to make, like new level design. 

OS is not difficult to change, since there is not much to change there, its just a template. A foundation, for what I can only assume, is ether a stepping stone to more content, or a development oversight to be made in a fist place. All OS requires, is content. Like, what are those factions? Who are they ? Who are those quest ppl ? What are those stations and stuff in space? The game has to be able to make all of those stuff alive with missions/NPCs/dynamic events, and other mechanics. I’m sure that is the plan anyway; otherwise, why release OS, or factions, in a first place? Cheers!

If for the dev team added a simple button takes “rather a lot of works”, they need to seriously update their game engine. 

On most games engine it takes less then a minute to add a button as child of your menu, make it responsive, and add fancy graphics + OnClick event. 



Same goes for the “direct map transition” in OS. After all, it’s just a different loading screen where you’ll see your ship in the center, with an illusion of moving forward.