Hi, i have a small idea who improve greatly the visibility of the game during any matches on any modes.

Add a new tab on the HUD option    GENERAL / MARKERS / ALLIES /  **TEXTS

Please, Give us the possibilities to : **

  • Hide player names
  • Hide player title
  • Default text apparitions (As we have today)
  • Text appears in the bottom right corner (Without animation)
  • Hide the synergy texts
  • Hide the objective texts
  • Hide all texts
  • Hide all texts and player names

I like this game but honestly having tones of texts on screen popping in the middle of my screen and moving on the right bottom corner each time i hit or kill something
make me lost my focus and my accuracy a lot of times and even kill me sometimes.

If you can do this  “what is not very hard to do” you will be my heroes. ![;)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/002.png “;)”)
Many thanks for your consideration.

SkullCompany in game



If at least synergy wasn’t popping in the middle of the screen…

you can already remove these in HUD option:










Uncheck everything except hull and shield are there u go. 

idk if they’ll do something about the synergy text tho