More Destroyable/Moveable objects

After playing invasion for a while one thing that seems to be off to me is the lack of destroyable objects, also how everything seems to be so static (nothing hardly ever moves).

(**edited - added in)

For example:

Asteroids/Comets (that can be shot down into pieces for minerals)

  • they would circle bigger objects due to gravity, and travel at different speeds

  • can be locked on to

  • Can be destroyed.

  • **Meteor shower event, lots of high speed asteroids/comets shower over the map, can be destroyed, ( gives off valuable minerals) they appear on radar so you have an idea of where they are coming from and find cover if needed. (can hit ai ships for a cool show:) )


  • Maybe have maps with “Secret” moon bases. can be flown into or attacked/destroyed

Pirate stations of different types ( like in crimson haze)

  • All pirate structures, would become destroyable,(even some that built into map, once destroyed reinformencts would arrive to rebuild and defend)

  • At certain structure damage e.g. 75% 50% 25% reinforcements would arrive.

Having bigger stations/objects to destroy = big firework show = bigger explosions = eyegasm (very pretty colors)

Also add more zones to do with biomorphs/aliens and pirates, and add their “motherships”/Dreadnaughts and stations. (could make these stations “boss” like, good rewards/squads required)

Comets : Nope. Too fast for a ship. But differents event,  ok. 


Movable items, yes. But only things small stations moving around a bigger one/small rocks.



Invasion is already too hard to fly alone and even in squad it can be hard…

If we add this, then make enemys weaker. 

It is not planned to add too “many” movable items because this would require a better hardware and we want to keep the requirements as low as possible.

Well as long as you keep it in mind for future updates, if its feasible i say go for it. Currently something about the game feels unrealistic… whether this is part of the issue im not sure… it could be