Moon Race stage 25

I finished Moon Race stage 25 yesterday, the reward was a pleasant surprise. But once I decided on which ship to pick, it was no longer free. I found a single post in the forums that mentions a hidden countdown timer, the surprise is no longer pleasant. Can anything be done to help myself and others? Perhaps an in-game-mail reward or rolling an account back to re-do stage 25? I hope I posted this in the correct place, I never had to search for a hidden bug report forum before.

I finally discovered the trick for contacting Gaijin Support: The “support” tab in this forum sends you to another website. This Gaijin website has a FAQ and a hidden hyperlink to the secret bug report forums here. If you log into the Gaijin website, a new option appears that allows you to contact support.


In my first message to the Gaijin support team, I told them which ship I had decided to pick, and a stripped down version was given to me immediately. Perhaps this info will help others with the same trouble.