Moon pass “A big step for mankind


Pilots! Until July 31 you can purchase a special bundle “A big step for mankind” with a discount!

If you purchase the pass during the Moon Race, you automatically get all the previously unlocked additional rewards!

This bundle includes

  • Access to additional awards in the second phase of the “Moon Race” — “A big step for humanity”.
  • Early access to PvE “Temple of Last Hope”
  • 2000 Galactic Standards

Moon race
In honour of the 2650th anniversary of the first landing on the satellite of the legendary Earth — the Moon, all pilots can participate in a special event — the “Moon Race”!


The event will take place over three phases. Each phase has 30 stages. Only the owners of the Moon Pass can unlock all stages.


To get the reward, you need to unlock the desired stage. In order to gain access to the next reward, you need to go through all the previous stages. You can join a phase at any time when the phase is available.


Read more about the “Moon Race” on the official website of the project.


New PvE mission “Temple of Last Hope”

Attention to all pilots! The UMC received an emergency contract from the so-called Broker. Our customer is ready to pay well to all pilots who can take part in the defence of the “Temple of Last Hope” complex in the Antares system. According to our data, in the very near future, the Cartel intends to undertake a large-scale operation to seize the complex. Unfortunately, we still do not know who hired the Cartel and why exactly they were so suddenly interested in the Temple.


Pilots have to hold out as long as possible, destroying enemy waves.