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Only recently Jericho, upon the initiative of the Mendes family, decided to allow flights to the Monolith for mercenaries. It is said that it still carries a mysterious Precursor artifact. Other sides of the conflict did not hesitate — the Empire and the Federation issued the same orders almost simultaneously.

Now the Monolith remains are swarming with Aliens and Biomorphs. But its depths hold untold riches of secret Jericho technology and answers to the most terrible questions for the bravest explorers.




Monolith Remains by Star Conflict on Sketchfab

Good work guys. Beautiful map.


<3 thank you!

This is awesome!!! being able to walk on the entire map is great, definately waiting for more. However map looks a little ugly (compared to ingame map)…looks better with no diffuse.

Im waiting on alien ships models.