Monolith Remains: Clipping Issues Still Exists

Unfortunately, this bug still remains.

It’s still got several so called hot-spots!

There are 4 potentially critical spots, where a player could hide, intentionally or not, that should get fixed.


Monolith Remains:

Multiple potential exploits:

Camera coordinates:

Approximate, not exact numbers:


Location 1:





Location 2:





Location 3:





Location 4:




Test all 8 locations. However, only 4 locations should have this issue.


Please, you mustn’t make double reports for any bugs, anyway.

On 3/21/2017 at 7:33 AM, Skula1975 said:

Please, you mustn’t make double reports for any bugs, anyway.

Wrong! I am aware of this. It’s the same issue, but with additional problems, that got overlooked in the first bug report.

All reported issues are now in this bug report. I also created a new bug report because you stated in the patch notes that you fixed a problem.

First one didn’t really show all the issues, so the fixes were insufficient, because this issue still exist.


You always say to make a new bug report, especially, if the problem was no longer the same, but tied to the same thing.

This second report contains all current information about all existing bugs/glitches on this map.

added to bugreport