Monocrystals not being awarded from contract completion



I am running the mac version on Yosemite and I noticed over the past 2 days I was not being awarded for monocrystals on contract completion.  2 days ago I had 14 crystals.  I had completed several contracts awarding 20 and 5 crystals but my total stayed at 14.  However, last night on a loot search, I got 20 and it did add to my total which is now 34.  I purchased some upgrades over the weekend which depleted my crystal down, so I imagine this problem has been going on for at least several days if not more. I just didn’t notice it and I’ve logged a lot of game time to build back up.


I have not had the chance but I will check and make sure the credits are being awarded as well and report back. It will most likely be a day or two as I’m on schedule to work this weekend. 






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Oops… The archive didn’t have the combat log… Here it is.

[combat.log](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=10864)

It is a weekend already in Russia, so i wouldn’t expect a reply until Monday :frowning:

Easy solution: Corporation IRIDIUM doesn’t get awarded to players.

So fulfilling the 5/20 iridium contracts doesn’t give you anything.

Second: Monocrystals are another resource. So please don’t confuse monos with iridum.

Sorry, you are correct, Iridium.  However contracts are not being rewarded.




Contract : Raid Victory

Win 1 Battle

Requires Rank 6 ship or higher

YOUR REWARD:  5 Iridium.


These task contracts are not being rewarded as they have been previously.  Not it says ‘Your Reward’ not for corporation.

The 5 and 20 iridium rewards are both transferred only to your corporation if you have any. 

I haven’t understood what is contract you describe. Can you make screenshot with it?

However I think you speak about contract which take reward for your corporation only.