Mono Loot

Another idea…


Why not toss monocrystals into the mysterious loot mix?


They are by far the hardest material grind in the game and other than the secret project ships (which we need more of) the cost vs effectiveness of the weapons which they contribute to is not that great.


It would also encourage people to finally lay out the GS for a spatial scanner.


I asked for this many, many times. I even described the methods. I fully agree with you, but then I got their answer.

They said, economy of the game won’t be discussed with players, so apparently it’s none of our business and they will do what they think is the best for the game and their financial gain.

I have nothing against that. I just wish that they would listen and realize, that this is actually hurting the game. For me it is the only reason, that I only collect daily monocrystals for free, then just leave.

If I would have monocrystals hidden in at least in PvP mode and in PvE as well, I would actually play the game, since I lack nothing else than monocrystals.


Here is my last try on this:


Your first victory in PvP mode. Purple loot spot will now always give you from 1 to 5 monocrystals, depending on what tier the match was played and won. Tier III gives 3 or 1,  tier IV 2, tier V gives 5 or 3 and so on…

Same goes for the PvE mode. Each purple loot will now give you a guaranteed monocrystal drop for each daily loot spot. Same could also apply for the Special Ops mission.

However, instead of 1 measly monocrystal, it should give 5 or at least 3 minimum.

With your best efforts you’re able to get or gain at least 10 more monocrystals or at least 6, if you played both modes with tier V.


However, if you wish to randomize monocrystals to be more common and not just included in a daily loot spots, then you need to follow the same mechanics.


Tier I and II gives no monocrystal drops or only 1.


Tier III gives 1 monocrystal.

Tier IV gives 2 monocrystals.

Tier V gives 3 monocrystals.



One of the reasons for some decline or drop of players is, because of measly reward system. It does not actually provide the most essential and required resource.

9 out of 10 people lack monocrystals in general. If and when you introduce and unlock access to mark 5 weapons, modules and equipment, you will have to present another option in the looting system.

I still stand firmly by my decision. Monocrystals should only be used, to produce a Secret Project ship. All other monocrystals requirements, if they must be included, should be reduced by 90%.

If you still want to stick with currently existing system, it will punish you. Monocrystal requirements are insane and unrealistic. They do not even unlock mark 5 options permanently, so that you can manufacture mark 5 kits indefinitely, once you manufacted them with other resources. That would at least to some part justify this. I wrote all the possible suggestions, suggesting more than just 1 option on the same subject.

70 monocrystals for tier V weapon, which must be re-crafted with the same resources and only 2% more damage and DPS gain… This system will backfire, if it will not be improved or corrected.

It rarely drops from regular loot in Invasion, but there is no in mysterious containers. This should be changed.

It rarely drops from regular loot in Invasion, but there is no in mysterious containers. This should be changed.

Mysterious Containers can only be located by Spatial Scanner or by knowing the spot.

Since they have added so many new spots, it is difficult to predict, where the one may be hiding.