Modular ship project



A Unique ship that can change the class which also changes its appearance.

At the beginning we have a R5 O-class ship which has 1 gun and poor stats.

We can now buy any class we want.

Every class starts with R5 (destroyer with R8) and I special module nodes already unlocked.

After unlocking the chosen class we are upgrading it just like Object NY18, each upgrade gives better stats and/or additional module slots and a slight change to appearance.
At R15 we can buy II special module which is different for each class (destroyer has II special module at R11 and III at R14).

When we get bored with one class we can buy another class and upgrade it again.

the idea and not bad I like ^^ after will have to see what to put as a module and everything for each class to keep the unique dimension of the ship ^^

Seems to me that this would simply be the introduction of a new ship for each class.

Not a bad idea but not what you were going for think.


It would probably be more unique as a kind of “mix and match” ship where you could unlock as many nodes as possible and select a few from different roles to make a super unique ship with maybe up to 3-5 different roles.