Modify "Workshop" by adding "Black Market" section

My suggestion is simple.


Modify Workshop and add Black Market/Store section/category to it.

So, what’s different this time, you might ask?


Black Market/Store will enable you to buy ALL of T3/4/5 mark V/pirate blueprint schematics with in game credits or GS currency, for those, whose credits are too low, but they wish to get an upgrade.

This applies to ALL assortment of weapons, modules and equipment now and in the future.

Once you bought a blueprint schematics for a high credit price or GS cost, it’s placed in the Warehouse/Armory.

In the Workshop you then have an option to “learn” the blueprint schematics. This remains the same as it is now.

If the item is BOUGHT and then LEARNED, it should give 3% synergy bonus as well for those crafted items as well.


Black Market section/category in the Workshop can provide you with an instant view/access to those people, who don’t want to waste hours of their precious time in Invasion mode.

Black market section/category will provide better assortment for all “mark - V/pirate stuff” currently available now and in the future.

Workshop section, like displayed above can stay the same, with one exception.

The only difference with the Black Market Store section is, that you can get a complete view/access for all of the T3/4/T5 mark V/pirate blueprint schematics, but with an option to credit them or to buy them.


An option of choice should be given, for those, who want it. Those, who don’t, don’t need to use this feature.




3 possible limitations: - you cannot access Black Market Store, if you don’t own a premium account/license /or you can only buy 1 blueprint schematic per day, if the following conditions are met.

                                     price/credit penalty is increased by 20%, but not for Galactic Standards purchases /or maybe for them as well, for the owners without a license.

                                  - you can only access specific blueprint schematics, if you already reached the desired tier - T3/T4/T5 - 7/10/13 rank for each specific faction.

                                  - you can only access specific mark V/pirate blueprint schematics, if you already used loyalty vouchers/upgraded/bought at least a single piece of that specific weapon, module or equipment

                                    at least once (mark III upgrade) and/or, if you already used upgrade kit for mark IV or artifact upgrade for mark IV, to ensure access to those hard to reach blueprints


Note: What’s not available/not yet unlocked, will still be shown in the Black Market Store, but it will be greyed out, like on “not learned” sign on a blueprint and get replaced by access restricted/denied in this case.


If you wish to bypass those above mentioned limitations, you can still use  T3/T4/T5 Spatial Scanner and go for the hunt in the Invasion mode for those blueprints schematics.

The choice is yours.




An example:




Black Market Store section should be added on the top left corner, above Pro Tools.




Thank you, Developers.

ha, sorry, what is the benefit of it?


I didnt get it

ha, sorry, what is the benefit of it?


I didnt get it


I corrected most of my post and explained in details, what I had in mind.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me, gekaler.

thanks for the input - forwarded to Devs

I’d love a black market for ship parts. They are so cheap for credits, yet so hard to get. It seems a bit strange.

Plus, a ship part store would allow people to actually make all the secret ships without paying $9001 for resource lotto.

I can’t wait for the next update. I hope they will bring something like that really soon.