Modify keyboard touch QWERTY to AZERTY

Hi !

Is there a way to change the keyboard touch ?

because i’ve got an AZERTY keyboard and “Q” touch makes the ship a rotating movement instead of “A” touch which make the ship a translating movement. “E” => rotation and “D” => translation …

it’s very annoying to play with inverted controls.

Please tell me there is a solution to this problem :confused:

sorry my english is bad ^^

Hello, thanks for your report.

Could you tell me which windows/ operating system you use.

So I will search a tutorial for you to change your keyboard ingame.

Its easy :slight_smile:

ALT + SCHIFT and you have the EN-Layout Keyboard.

Use it again, and you have DE-Layout (on me) :slight_smile:

Yes it is easy, but he still needs to set the configuration for that :slight_smile:

@Error :

Thanks for reply :slight_smile: My operating system is Windows 7 (64bytes) Arium Edition 6