mobs weapons not scaled with the ship's tier

1.) In Invasion mode there are mobs like Hydra or Deimos and many others, which should be using T2 weapon class, but they are using T4. This is not an isolated incident it is widespread in Invasion through all sectors.

2.) I expected that ship’s weapons are scaled according to the ship’s tier.

3.) Normal.

4.) Using unmountable weapons, which surpass the intended tier or rank on a certain ship should not be possible and it should get scaled according to a ship.

     Hydra is using Mortar Coils T4 instead of T2 and some other T2 ships are using kinetic Assault Rails or Gauss Cannon, which is T4, but it should have been T2 as well. There could be other cases.

5.) Whenever you encounter same enemies/bots, such as Pirates or Cybers.

6.) Will be provided below.

7.) Not necessary.

8.) Not needed.

9.) Not related.

10.) Not related.


6.) Will be provided below.

i think they purposefully did that. So they have firepower and so they will die easy enough. 

Not a bug. Mobs may use any weapons, it is designers decide.