MM Complaining FIX (maybe)

A lot of people complain about match maker and especially lately.

One way to fix this is to evaluate the player by ship not just overall. Sometimes I am leveling up a ship or training myself on it and do horribly. Other times, like when I have to use a different weapon for the special module challenge like kill 20 enemies with thermal weapons, I am no going to do quite as well with lasers so “FAIL”.

Measuring the performance of each player based off of the ship and maybe even the setup for that ship and then place them in MM in accordance to the figures could balance this more. Calculations for a computer is fast and what its supposed to do so balancing by numbers would fix this or could.

I am just trying to throw out ideas here to help coming closer to a more realistic solution for MM.

Thanks guys and GL! ![:storm:](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/storm.gif “:storm:”)

I may have spoken when it wasn’t necessary too though; please don’t shoot the messenger: