Mk 5 Beam Cannon III Not Affecting LRF Module

this is an odd bug that i found just now, noting how the level of the main weapon affects the stat of the LRF Special Module, where it influences damage.

The oddity here is that with a Mk 4 weapon you’d get 9,414 damage off the ELRF special, and with a Mk 5 Weapon it should be boosted to ~13k (noteably seen on T4-5 ELRFs). Similar increases for the JLRF (lower damage however).


Instead, this Mk 5 Weapon does nothing to increase damage. Instead it keeps the damage maxed out as if it were a Mk 4.

Screenshot provided.

(Relevant) Logs provided.


Excuse me, I belive I had made an error in judgement. The damage increase is infact present but it is so small it’s hardly noticeable.

That’s due to the small small increase of damage you get from the mk5 which is only about 2.5%