Mixing tiers leaves a dilemma?

This isn’t meant to be a complaint thread, although I do have my misgivings about the way things are set-up at the moment.  I’d just like some input from the more experienced/knowledgeable folks out there.


I’m currently sitting on a 1150 rating, Rank 8 with around a day in playtime.  I have 0 equipped T2_MkIII equipment.  In most of my games about 50% of the guys on the enemy team are fully decked out in MkIII’s and epics, and there’s anywhere from 2-5 T3’s with varying levels of equipment.  Oh yea, and theres often 1-2 1500+ rated dudes just cleaning up.


My questions:

  • Is this happening strictly cause of my rating? Getting matched against fully stacked T2s and lower-mid equipped T3s?

  • If so, that means switching to a T3 ship will match me against better equipped/rated T3s?


The way it is now, I’m  very lucky to get a kill on one of these fully stacked T2/T3 dudes.  I admit some of this has to be my own skill level, and that will improve.  But aside from that, the effect equipment/T3 vs T2 seems like  way too huge a gap, of which no level of skill could account for.  Is this “working as intended”? 


90% of my games have been solo by the way, with just a few with corpmates that I recently joined.


please use an existing thread:

[http://forum.star-conflict.com/index.php?/topic/20145-matchmaker-balance/](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/20145-matchmaker-balance/)