"Mix-Match Mode"

I suggest a new game mode where smaller teams of players are pitted against eachother and several squads of PvE enemies in various match types.

By this I mean take the normal PvP modes and with each team add an “army” of weaker PvE type enemies to fight alongside them. This would create the havoc and fast-paced nature of PvE mixed in with the PvP we all know and hate love.


Players could even customize a “squad” of the PvE bots that would fight alongside them in these types of battles. They would likely need to be added as “drops” after PvE modes. Like “Contract” drops that allow the player to “hire” that certain PvE enemy to fight with them permanently. It would also add another feature to the game much like a “gotta get them all” type feature. Like you try to catch all the Pokémon in Pokémon games, in Star Conflict you would be trying to “catch” all the PvE enemies. Including the “legendary” bosses. (to be weakened obviously). Players would have a max of 5 PvE characters to use in their squad to prevent super huge armies and stuff. And maybe a max of 2 of the same character to avoid super OP teams.