IMO, there should always be a mission available to pick up from the station after you complete one, so you don’t have to wait til another day to start another mission.

Means unlimited Monocrystals.

Seems too unrealistic.

What Devs think if they ever read this:


Yes please!  But it will never happen.

I/WE can fix this issue easily.


We should get the option to be entitled for 2 same main contract missions per faction per day, if you own a premium license.

Each faction should give you 5 monocrystals. 2 x 5 = 10 x 3 = 30 total monocrystals per day

If you miss the missions, you can complete them next day in total of 4 per faction, but not more.


If you don’t own a premium license, you can only finish 1 main contract mission per faction, but you get 5 monocrystals for each.  1 x 5 = 5 x 3 = 15 monocrystals



Contraband container must give you a mandatory 15 - 30 monocrystals minimum to be really worthy of 1700 GS price tag. It used to 800, without a discount. So far, it’s 349, eh, 350GS.

Also, T5 mark IV weapon should have bigger chances to appear, if you buy more packs…


Be reasonable, Gaijin/StarGem!


So, if you miss your daily monocrystal missions, you can still find a good substitude.

Buy Contraband Container for the “fair” price!


Vote my post so high, that they will need to look above to see it and do not forget to thank me. :wink:


Sincerely, Koromac

the monocrystals should be limited