1.5 hours, roughtly 15 games. Most of them combat recon, some detonation, 1 domination. All my contracts on xxxx cooldown, and the only 3 available can only be completed in domination. To add salt to the wound, when I did finally get domination, the enemy held all three beacon from the start and my team could not take back and hold any of them. Quitting in missions that does not allow me to complete my contract suddenly looks very attractive…


Conclusion, 1.5 hours wasted without gaining any loyalty because of the genius ill considered change. Gaijin, you want to change something in the future, please consider all the implications and at least let the players know in advance.


edit: Spent another hour or so in 10 games with no domination the next morning…

WHAT about fitting drop tanks? too idea…and where we can drop them too?      might be a nice touch.

go stomp t2 guys for the beacon ones in realistic since there you get 100% win ratio, most are either duels or 2v2 with bots and t3 realistic is like Obama achieving the greatest economic comeback. It just aint happening. All the others are pretty easy, do as many as you can and just d/c afterwards so you dont get frustrated.




edit: i meant to quote the OP, sorry about that


Whilst I don’t think even the devs would dispute that the loyalty change was poorly thought out, there are already threads on this.


If you had bothered to read them and post your opinions in there, you might have discovered that there is a planned patch this coming Thursday to change the contract system and plans to reimburse players for “lost” loyalty.

yes I’m aware of the upcoming patch and yes I’ve bothered to read them within the hour it was posted.


I’m not too concerned on the reimbursement part as that is a one of thing. I’m more worried about the long term effect of focusing loyalty gains on the contract alone. I won’t say I’m against it as long as it is implemented properly. At the current state, I would say the dev dropped the ball on this one. They did say something along the line of increasing the rewards and reducing cooldowns…but they didn’t specify a number. It could be a marginal improvement, or a significant one.


As I’ve posted in other post, I think there should be no cool down and the contracts should be made more difficult and/or the rewards reduced. In summary, I want to see progress being made after every game…even if it is just a counter in the contract that says destroys 20 enemy ships.