Missions getting reset

Twice in the last 2 weeks all my mission shave been reset. Most of them not a big deal, but the 2 tharga ones really upset me. Kill 200 destroyers with gthar gun. I was really close the first reset. Not sure how far i got this time. Iridium slugs one i wasn’t too far on, but either way i was making some progress on it too. 11/50 or so. All my missions were reset. Some them very hard. It really sucks to see my progress reset like this. Makes me wonder what the next evil move. Take all my paid content away?


I am gonna guess this was a targeted attack since no one else is complaining. This is a whole new level of low guys wtf man!!??!!

Literally 3 topics before yours:

And stop with that paranoia, please. No one is hindering your account. 

You should ask the Support to be compensated for your lost progress, provided that your account is not banned there as well.