Missions from contacts...

I cannot believe there wasn’t a thread complaining about it already…


Missions to buy a speciffic ship are Stupid, with capital S.


Buying gear you don’t want/need as a part of tutorial/“missions” should NEVER be done, or refunded fully(100% or more) as soon as you do it, especially with permanent items involved.

This is not encouraging, it’s infuriating, especially when you cannot opt out despite having a gone through that gutter once with a different faction.


If I eneter a faction tree only to get their Fighters, I should never face a “mission” to buy a Frigate, vice-versa, and ditto for Interceptors.



Seriously, I come back after a lenghty break seeing some exciting changes to the combat and ships, and now I’m at the brink of dropping out again because of how xxxx the requests that block out half my screen(exaggeration for effect) are.

The “Missions” on the side don’t have to be done they are for beginners. They give you free loot, GS, gold ammo, ect. I really don’t go out of my way to do them. You can close the missions tab also I think so that its not there.

Those missions are only T1, don’t worry.  It’s only to encourage trying different ships initially.  If you already have them, you get a quick win.