Mission - "Road to success"

The “Road to success” mission is broken, at least for me. I’ve bought loads of boosters, but the mission won’t complete. 

maybe it is the wrong sized booster? Theres 4 of shield, S (small, for inties), M (medium, for fighters), L (Large, for frigates), Emergency shield booster (for Guards)


Or if it seems im on drugs, perhaps you should buy an specific one (those thingies that ends with each battle(buffs)) Like the one that increases 10 resist to shield, or the one for hull, whatever.

No, dreadmonochrome. I started recently also and it’s bugged for me as well. Just bought my 3rd booster (piss away 150,000, lovely) and it still won’t work. Don’t buy anymore for now until it’s fixed.

Confirm. I got the same bug

k so what do we do to get past it?

Thursday’s patch day.

Hello, +1 I’ve got the same problem with this mission, I bought the booster and I didn’t receive my reward