Mission "Processing Rig Raid"

I hope you guys won’t mind me trying to tell a bit about the new mission :slight_smile:


In this 3 part mission you and your squad mates have to do several different objectives with varying difficulties. 


Round 1: Your group has to intercept 6 cargoships before they can dock at the station. I noticed the 2nd cargoship docking makes you lose the mission. So intercept them at all cost! The cargo ships are supported by a small fleet every time, do not underestimate them though as they have a good tank and DPS.


Round 2: Your group has to destroy 10 missile launchers, The missile launchers will fire at you if you come too close and they are supported by Flak 2’s. Additional enemy support will spawn but they aren’t very powerful. Killing flak will help slightly in Round 3.


Round 3: Your group has to escort 3 cargo ships to the end of the sector. While escorting enemy waves will spawn and they will go for the cargo ships, protect them at all cost! The ships will jump out once they reach the border. Before the last cargo ship can jump a very strong wave will spawn and they do a considerable amount of damage to that last Cargo Ship.



If anyone has anything to add or think something could be better, please do mention :slight_smile: