Mission needs other requirements than listed

  1. The Invasion “Errand” told me to hide four trackers located in Orange Giant, the actual requirements were actually to find four tungsten slabs in unidentified minerals.

  2. I expected that the requirements were the same as the ones listed on the “Errand” description, and I expected to find these “Trackers” and somehow hide them.

  3. Normal, in squad with another player, invasion.

  4. I was doing daily Assignments in invasion for all of three sides of conflict, and after I did mine, I wanted to help RennieAsh with “Wounded Hunter”, his assignment. We arrived in Orange Giant system and started searching for the wounded hunter. As soon as the assignment was completed, I wanted to complete the local Errand called “Try and hide me!”. I was searching for the “Trackers” listed as the ones I had to hide. I found that I had to find -in fact- four tungsten slabs in unidentified minerals, and these surprisingly worked, so I completed the Errand.

  5. Happened to me just once, now

  6. Attached

  7. About 16:15 CEST

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  9. No

  10. No







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IIRC, in the mission description the faction link told you that you have to replace some tungsten slabs with trackers so they can track the cyber or alien base.


It is a fancy way to change the mission lore even if the mechanics are the same.