(mission) Missile laucher

A missile laucher kill me firing backward :dntknw:

Yes! firing backward. :angry:

Here’s a tip… Dodge!

Oh so the missile launcher launched a missile that killed you, i wasnt aware that the missile launcher just spins around doing nothing while you destroy it

Here’s a tip to all of you:

OP, learn to write.

The two of you, learn to read and understand.


The word OP was looking for was backward, not backyard. A small mistake.


And yeah, I’ve seen the missile launchers shooting backwards for whatever reason. It’s a legitimate bug report because as far as I know, missile launchers are not designed with FIRING FROM THEIR BLOODY BACKSIDES in mind.

Oh, ok my mistake, the word is “backward”.


Man this is fatal for a interceptor, i keep in the back of the missile laucher to avoid being hit and he shot from the back, backward. I have 194 thermal resistence in my hull, but many missiles being fired in sucession, from a place that should not be shooting missiles, can kill me before i have time to react.