Mission Dimeni


I need to ask about Dimeni missions. Well i have a mission “Kill 115 enemies with Thar’Ga’Tok luncher” and it gives me 4 Xenocrystals when I accomplish it. The problem is i don’t have enough Xenocrystals to build the weapon but I need to end the mission to get the Xenocrystals. 

So my question is : Can I get other missions if i can’t accomplish this one? Can the support send us the weapon to end the mission?

Thanks and have a good day.

It is kind of a known bug but it will be fixed soon i think.

think you 


The support says they will fix it in the next patch.


Still no fixes on the mission. They ask me for 115 kill with thar’ga Tok but not enough Xenocrystal to build the weapon. The mission are very helpful to build my ships but i’m stock with that mission, can you fix it soon? or sending the weapon just to move on? because i really want to build the Alien ships like everybody else :confused:

Thank you ![:D](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/006j.png “:D”)