Mission Bug

The mission “evolucion ellydium” is not completed despite fulfilling the requirements. 
In the images you can see that since he reached 12 he is not counting, Raptor-M to the maximum, i had 3 destroyed and 1 assistance and he did not count them


Not a bug. If you read the description it doesn’t say “maximum synergy level”. It says that you have to kill/damage assist 25 ships with thermal weapon with a ship of the maximum available rank in a combat slot. You have equipped Raptor-M, Hercules and Harpy - ranks 3, rank 1 and rank 2 respectively. Your highest ranked ship for Empire is Dvergr Knight (rank 4), for Federation - Fox (rank 5), for Jericho - Dagger and Axe-X (rank 3). So basically you didn’t meet the requirements of the mission.  Just put one of your highest ranked ship in a combat slot and fly something with thermal damage (it doesn’t need to be the same ship).

Not a bug. Case closed.