Mission/Assignments Window not displaying correctly at High Resolutions

Wasn’t sure where to put this really… here, or in the “Graphics” section.


But, i currently play Star Conflict across multiple monitors using Nvidia Surround.  The resolution i play at is 5240x1050.   


Overall the game runs great, and looks great  :012j:


But, i found one small issue, and its with the in-game menu for the Missions/Assignments (The logs and such).  When opening that particular window while in that high of a resolution, the window gets cut off.  Essentially, instead of seeing ALL of the missions/assignments and the characters giving those missions… only the first 3 show up, and the words within the mission list is cut off about halfway across, and the reward is not visible.   Going back to a more ‘normal’ resolution fixes this, but while in the larger resolution, it doesn’t all show up  :008j:


Pic for reference.


I know us multi-monitor users are still a minority in the PC industry… but if someone happens to get some time to fix that little issue… would be much appreciated  :00555:


We don’t support Nvidia Surround now.