Missing text info: Damage and/or DPS on statistical interface for Destroyer modules!

Bug report:


What’s the problem?

Some, if not all of the modules are missing some statistical information, like Damage and DPS.

Noted missing Damage and DPS information on the following Destroyer modules on all ranks:

- Tempest Launcher

- Photon Emitter

- Pyro Emitter

- Gravitational-Lens

- Repelling Beam

- Destabilizing Field

- Isotope Harvester

There could be more, especially the modules, which deal damage and are not only limited to Destroyers!


Screenshot: ( missing information about Damage and/or  DPS )







Isotope Harvester - not a bug

Pyro Emitter - not a bug

Repelling Beam - not a bug

Gravitational Lens - not a bug

Destabilizing Field - not a bug

‘Tempest’ Launcher - bug

Photon Emitter - bug


Pyro Emitter has double the stat ‘Module durability’ displayed. Bug?

5 hours ago, Lord_Xenon said:

Pyro Emitter has double the stat ‘Module durability’ displayed. Bug?

Yes, it’s a bug!

Pyro Emitter has module durability text written twice!


New bug report needed or another bug ID?

repelling beam has also double module durability