Missing Repair Button

Hello Everyone


First off: Thanks for the Linux Version, its much appreciated.



Now to my issue.


I understand that there should be a Repair / Replenish button in the Equipment tab.


As seen here:



Unfortunately i dont have these buttons.

Autorepair works great, but manual repairs are impossible which also leaves me unable to finish one of the training missions.




I couldnt find any game or layout settings concerning these buttons.

Did I miss something?



My version number is

I’m running the game @ 1920x1280 Windowed (fullscreen stretched)

The repair and replenish ammo are now part of the game settings.

There is no button. You click on the wrench icon overlaying your ship icon.

Ok great!


So shouldnt the mission description say so?

Its pretty misleading right now.


Thank you for helping me out!

So shouldnt the mission description say so?

I don’t know what it says. If it is incorrect you can make a screenshot and file another bug report about it. :wink:

i have a similar problem except that there are no buttons whatsoever on the EULA screen or the one after that i clicked randomly and it opened options but that had the same problem