Missing menu options, medal, achievements under Player's profile - Corrupted Interface and non-working controls or functions

Bug report:


I played the game, was docked on Ellydium station Theta, after I did my last 4th daily monocrystal mission, along with other daily tasks.

I chatted a bit in global and private chat, until I noticed that I am suddenly missing all graphical options, only some options were visible.

Same happened to medals, all were set to 0 and some achievements did not display under Player’s profile, they were missing.


This happened, while there was the 8 mb update waiting to be installed through Steam, but I did not exit the game and installed it. Not sure, if this caused the issue.

This happened for the 2nd time now, both situations happened, when then was the 8 mb waiting to be installed.

I installed the 8 mb update and then it was fine. However, before I had no such problems, until 1.4.0 update was released.

There was another condition, possibly related to this issue. My ships were docked at Ellydium Theta Station and I was checking my profile in general.




  • corrupt or unresponsive UI and not properly loaded (full data) Player’s profile

  • unable to logout of the game (no UI shown, only sound heard, unresponsive), had to use ALT+F4 to exit the game or close it via Task Manager.

  • possible other issues that I did not detect


Logs: (I spotted the issue at 14:59 or 2:59pm, I recommend checking from 2:55 onward or before) GMT+1



Will try to record a video, if it happens for a 3rd time, because it didn’t record for some reason.


can be reproduced by going into some achievement windows I think. Happened to me too

1 hour ago, QACinnamonTroll said:

can be reproduced by going into some achievement windows I think. Happened to me too

I thought that it may be connected, if you’re docked at Ellydium Theta station, at least to trigger this issue.

In both cases this happened, after I did all 4 daily monocrystal missions.

Is issue repeated now?

On 12/28/2016 at 9:42 AM, Skula1975 said:

Is issue repeated now?

I will let you know, if it is.