Missing Federation destroyer activators from assignments!

Bug report:


What happened?

Since Sunday, we no longer get any Federation destroyer activators. Not even in Open Space (weekend event only).


What should happen?

We should get them on a daily basis, including in Open Space during weekends.


Activator quest is showing up now.

Missions have never really seemed all that consistent to me, sometimes requiring multiple logins to get them to appear or progress. It is a mystery.

I don’t know what happened I got 2 missions on Saturday and 0 on Sunday. Today was fine again with one mission. So I don’t got fewer over all.

I got only one on saturday.

Will contact support then.

Last 2 days I have not got the Mission for the Federation Destroyer Activators. Am I doing it wrong or is it just NOT showing up?

Should I start a new bug report on this since it was fixed and now it is back again?