missing boosters

hi, i brought yestarday 3400 gold worth of autonomus probe boosters had 81 left last night when i stopped playing log in this morning and they are all gone :frowning:


i have submitted a ticket just wondering if this is only happening to me and roughly how long it will take to get a response/get my boosters back



anyone got any ideas… been 36 hours now since i put the ticket in and nothing new yet… thats 3k gold i could have used for something else

I have the same problem with the boosters I had…wish they would prioritise things like this since its peoples money that go pooof. Will make people upset if they buy 3000 galactic standards just to get boosters and then they all go missing once they log out and no responce from the company. 

All missing booster have been refunded. For everyone who is missing his boosters, contact the support via the in game button.