missing all my ships, weapons, everything

I have been away from this game for a while, but I had invested a lot of time effort, money and resources to obtaining ships, now that I log in, All my ships are gone, all the modules, everything Its almost as if i started new, with the exception of a few ships that were in the shipslots everything is gone.  How can i get these back, i had a ton of stuff.

Need recent logs, and maybe screenshots of both your profile page and ship tree in the game. Also are you using a steam account? I had my stuff reset just once due to using steam.

I am not using a steam account, I just haven’t used the account for about a year as i was trying to get studying and other stuff done.  but I come back and most of my ships are gone.  Can you explain what logs I need to provide? and to whom do i sent it to or contact? the support page only has an faq section and i dont see a way to reach the support team.

contact to support, please https://support.gaijin.net/hc/en-us/categories/200005051-Star-Conflict