Mismatched matches

Please help me with the logic someone explain it to me please. We were told at great length that the addition of bots to T3 and lower matches was to assist the newer players in getting kills. So of course the Vets go into the t3 matches and mop up the easy kills adding to their kill counts, ignoring objectives and not letting new players experience the game as it was meant.


NOW THE BOTS ARE GONE (WOOHOO!!!) BUT IN THEIR PLACE THE VETS GET TO BRING IN MAXED OUT MK 4 WEAPONIZED T4 SHIPS INTO T3 MATCHES AND T3 SHIPS INTO T2 MATCHES.  I think it is funny as hell so I am not really complaining but I would love to know the genius behind this because If you wanted to teach the newer players how to get their asses shot off congrats!!!                

You missed the change. Basically:

-No more tiers, instead rank-based queueing. So w/e your highest ship in your lineup is, you can face up to 2 ranks above that, or as few as 2 ranks below that.

-Modules now are available for a range of ranks, but they aren’t uniform, so it is possible to bring R9 ships with Orange modules into games with R7. and some modules like Reverse Thruster can be used on ships as low as rank 5.

Read the patch notes Yuri  :005j:

Read the patch notes Yuri  :005j:


Ahh thank you for the clarification – It seems unbalanced to me because the newer players can’t max a tier so they are constantly going to be facing more advanced ships, with better mods/weapons with much more experienced pilots. The tier system allows newer players to master a group of ships with in a tier, build their ships up and compete on a more even playing field. This is more of an observation than a complaint – I don’t care either way.

for the solo play progression this is advantageous, since you are constantly evolving. People are used to this by now by the sheer amount of team arena games available currently, albeit i would hope SC will kinda go its own route in this, because I think, the wot like open ended development will soon lose its magic. people after all love games where all pieces are balanced in, which makes games like battlefield much more attractive to the fast paced action crowd.


for the teamplay its abyssimal, since squadding basicly became less prominent. but since the early time of squads, squads were always treated as “better” by the devs for whatever logic, so only “better” players squadded, because they could pull it off to have fun on a mm-disadvantage; if squads would offer some rewards extra for progression, maybe things could have become better. So in that regard I fully criticise the decisionmaking, and argue one of the biggest flaws currently is the lack of connection to team pvp play by the decisionmakers.


in t3 usually the larger part of the playerbase always had enough full purple stuff. R9s still can compete up to games with R12 ships, thanks to the new module system, its just a completely different rank now. So often, with partly R9, R10 and R11 you get games which feel like strong T3 games and can be quite balanced even with less experienced teams.


at least t5 quality is steadily increasing, so is quality around R10. Meta is really interesting there, since it switches between T3 “battleline-warfare” with heavy tanked engis, long ranged fighters, adaptive bubbles and covert ops rushes, and typical T5 minmaxer blitzkrieg gameplay, like guardballs, ubercommands, and generally more faster aggressive gameplay and of course cheese builds like cruise ships or autoaim-recons, and of course including large amounts of total fail teams with spawncamping LRFs behind a typical all guard/ecm/tackler nonsense (heal? damage? objective? nah, just boost from spawn to the point on the map with the most red dots…)


I find it entertaining atm. in solo, but i miss group play, and i think, this game needs to focus blatantly on social interaction, instead of going more and more to the raid-pve-type of thing, and do everything to keep progression going even if the player has to endure a typical loss.


in the end, you know like me, sometimes, you can tell how the game will go by just take a look at the names, and its like a card game, where you just count how many '13 or '12 players you have. i think that hasnt changed much. and it probably never will, because you cant really close skill gap with game mechanics, from the old players who understand the evolution of the game and how it came to be, and those who still are ranking up ships.

If this new generation will reach veterancy, we will see how much they actually learned by the new system. sadly a lot progressed far too quick to t5 and started gameplay there.

Gotta add that the part with vets in lower tiers Yuri is mentioning is true. I’m currently helping my gf @ R3-7 to level up to at least R8-9 to enjoy the game better. On top of that i also had some ships left for levelling across T2-T3.


Thus i stepped down to those ranks in order to play for synergy (and found a new ship i like in RT jeri LRFs, hooray for that). Sometimes the games are with new players levelling up, but quite a LOT of times i see veterans playing a bunch of matches in a row (elite pilots, not just any randoms, altough randoms also show up), in MK4-5 fitted ships, max synergy, even wasted GS on low level premiums and to color them (both normal and premium ships) and with taunts farming medals and stats (i mean it). It’s just insane how many times it happens. I can say for sure that most of them are Deft players because it’s impossible to play one evening without seeing at least one of them around there, but others are not excluded. This gives a poor experience and is a serious issue for new players, and once again, I MEAN IT. T1 is most affected.

Totally agree Roger Squad groups are nearly nonexistent – penalized by  ridiculous que time or non existent ques - I have said since I started playing this game squads should be allowed to play in matches with or without other squads to face them it would promote pilots squaring up, set the game parameters to search for other squads but after 2 mins allow the squad to fly in any match even with unsquaded players. One of the strongest elements of this game is it cooperative game play with squared players, sadly it is also the most unlikely option for players to get PvP matches.




– SantaVonFluri