Minor: On license expire whilst in game

This is a minor as it still acts as if the licence has expired.

I paid for a 24 hour licence and the extended clock has been ticking down as expected. My licence expired whilst I was in an online fight, but since returning to the hanger the Extended time is still displayed but the clock as frozen on the time I went into the online game.

IE clock says Extended: 00:09:03 when the licence was active, went into match, came out, clock still says Extended: 00:09:03.

This message still appears when logging out and loging back into the game.

The message disappears when quitting the game, relaunching it and logging back into the game.

Attempting to access license only stuff (IE bots) still comes up with License required, so it has recognised the licence has expired (hence the “minor bug” part).

To mod/admin - is this the right place to put minor bug reports like this?

Thanks for you report.

If this happens again feel free to post again and if someone other also has this bug, please reply to the post so we can see if this happen more often.

Yes I think this is the right place thank you;)